Mum apologises for ‘diet fairy bread’, receives further backlash

Fatimah Omar, a Sydney-based mum, has been slammed by the internet for her apology after she created a “healthy version” of a popular Australian snack.

Ms. Omran uploaded a to TikTok in November 2022, showing her making a fair bread alternative using desiccated cocoa colored with vegetable liquid instead of the hundreds and thousands.

The video has been viewed over 14,5 million times and sparked criticisms from Australians. Some have even declared that “she should hang up her head in shame.”

After a year, Ms Omran apologized on TikTok, but her apology was not the one many expected.

I owe all of you an apology. “You’re right. What was I thinking when I used vegetable juice to make fairy bread?” She admitted before revealing her new recipe, which uses real fruits such as strawberries and blueberries for coloring the coconut.

She added that she had learned her lesson and bought a Vitamix this time to blend real fruits, and was confident that her daughter would love this “new version and improved healthy fairy bread.”

The internet response, however, was not positive. Many pleaded with the mother to “Just give it to her fairy bread.”

Another raged, “How mean are you?”

Someone else pleaded, “Let him be a child.”

As one lamented: “Don’t….Mess…WIth…FAIRY BREAD!”

Someone else said, “Please stop.”

She was also criticized for blending strawberries and mandarins without removing their stems or rind.

Ms Omran, in an effort to make amends, posted a second video on TikTok to support the Pyjama Foundation’s Fairy Bread Day. The video featured traditional fairy bread and introduced ‘hagelslag,’ a Dutch version of bread with peanut butter, chocolate sprinkles, and other ingredients.

Should the recipe be altered?

No! No!

She said, in her video: “If you are an Aussie, like me, fairybread is the king party food.” “If you are Dutch, hagelslag will be your favorite breakfast food.”

Dutch viewers criticized Ms Omran’s recipe, while some Australians were relieved that the traditional fairy bread was included.

One commenter added: “I am Dutch, we do not use peanut butter.” Another said, “I am Dutch, we use butter. I have never seen it in my entire life with peanut butter.”

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