‘Most requested’ Macca’s item returns for first time since 2020

McDonald’s has brought back a popular menu item just in time for the summer.

Macca’s removed the McRib from its menu in 2020. Since then, it has become one of the most popular items, with users on social media asking for its return more than 327 times over the past year.

The McRib is a boneless patty of pork covered in smoky, sweet, and tangy BBQ McRib Sauce, with pickles, onions, and slivered sourdough bread.

McRib Deluxe, a new product, is now available. The McRib Deluxe offers all the same features as the original but with McChicken Sauce, Cheese, Tomato, and Lettuce.

The summer menu includes the Chicken Big Mac with onion rings, BBQ sauce, and TimTam Chocolate McFlurry – a combination of chocolate soft serve and pieces of biscuit with a milk chocolate sauce.

The McRib was a big hit on social media, but the TimTam McFlurry did not impress everyone.

One social media user stated that he was not hopeful about the TimTam McFlurry.

“The Biscoff was a waste – it had their usual caramel sauce, and some Biscoff crumb. I was hoping to find a Biscoff Sauce!”

One said: “I’ll give them all a miss.”

Another added: “I don’t give a damn what people say, the McRibs are top-tier. I can’t wait to see them back.”

One person said: “OMG, finally Australia is getting the McRib.”

A new menu item, the Frozen Coke Y3000, is a limited-edition soft drink described as being “future-flavoured” and was created using AI technology.

Coca-Cola Australia released the drink to mixed reviews in September.

One person said, “It tastes just like Bubble O’ Bill,” while another was enraged. “It is horrifying.”

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