How to turn McDonald’s chicken nuggets into Katsu cakes

We combined McNuggets and curry with rice to make chicken Katsu Cakes that look fancy but are incredibly easy.

These taste so good that they could have been on the menu of a Japanese restaurant.

McNuggets are given a makeover.

A cool hack using a muffin pan turned a 24-pack of nuggets into a very impressive dish. We only needed rice, curry sauce, and green shallots.

The hardest part of cooking was not eating all the nuggets.

How do you make them, then?

Maccas chicken nuggets katsu cakes recipe


McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets

450g (3 cups cooked medium-grain rice or sushi)

Brush with vegetable oil

S&B Golden Curry Sauce Mix – 92g Packet

Two green shallots thinly sliced in diagonal directions


Step 1. The pre-heat oven to 220C/200C fan was forced.

Step 2: Finely chop half the McNuggets. Divide between 12 80ml (or 1/3 cup) muffin pans. Each pan should be filled with a McNugget.

Step 3 Divide rice between muffin pans. Press rice onto nuggets with dampened hands. Brush a small amount of oil on the nuggets. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes or until the rice turns golden.

Step 5: Meanwhile, pour 125ml of water (1/2 cup) into a medium-sized frying pan on medium heat. Stirring constantly, add the curry sauce mixture, and cook until it is smooth. Stirring constantly, add 250ml of water (1 cup) gradually until the mixture is well combined. If necessary, add 1-2 tablespoons extra water (sauce must be of pouring consistency).

Step 5 Turn the rice cakes on a board or plate. Pour the curry sauce over the shallots and sprinkle with it. Serve.

The McMuffin, the Way

We also recreated the Macca’s McMuffin but with a touch. We created the ultimate crispy mini hash browns and McMuffins by swapping out the muffins with potato gems and making them in the air fryer. This may be the best breakfast food ever!

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