Devon snack pack in an air fryer: how to make this tasty late-night feed

The Australian takeaway culture is not complete without the ubiquitous snack packs, also known as HSPs.

Some people feel that a late night out is incomplete without a cardboard box filled with hot chips, shaved beef, and a generous topping of sauce. ).

There’s a way you can recreate this classic in your air fryer, but it involves a deli meat that is infamous for being controversial.

THAT viral Devon snack pack

It all began when @kookingwithakoori posted a life-changing hack for fast food on TikTok.

He proved that with just a little luncheon beef, hot chips from the store, and a few condiments, you can make a snack pack almost as good as one at your local kebab shop.

Tastehas took the game-changing concept to a whole new level and created its cheesy version, using… an air fryer.

How does the snack pack smell?

You can enjoy a trip to a kebab shop without ever having to leave your home.

Air fryer chips are far superior to oven fries. These chips are as crispy as deep-fat fried fries.

Making it yourself has the added benefit of being able to make it as cheesy (very cheesy) as you want.

Top Tips

Don’t forget the mozzarella

Other cheeses such as Italian, Mexican, or 3-cheese mix can be used. It would be best if you used mozzarella to get the delectable pull.

Don’t chop up the Devon.

To get the best crispy edges, you need to cut it into thin slices. It won’t work as well if you chop it up. To get those classic kebabs, we used a potato grater.

Get saucy

If you prefer spicy foods, you can replace the BBQ sauce with chili. Enjoy all three.

Foiling up

Use foil to prevent the cheese from slipping off and ending up in a puddle inside your air fryer. It would be a tragedy.

Notes from our Expert Foodies

Some people have experienced cheese explosions when using their air fryers. The cheese would fly off and hit the heating element.

If you want to avoid this, close the air fryer after adding the cheese and let it melt in the residual heat for 10 seconds before starting the two-minute cooking time.

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