Cult US burger chain Mr Charlies is opening in Australia

Some Australian vegans are outraged that a US cult burger chain has chosen to call Sydney home.

Mr Charlie’s, a vegan hamburger restaurant, has stores in Los Angeles as well as San Francisco. It’s been called the vegan Macca’s.

On social media, the chain announced that a new store would open in the suburb of Redfern, located in central Sydney, at the end of this month.

The social media post stated: “There are certain places that leave a lasting impression. Sydney is one of them for us.”

Melbourne residents were shocked by the announcement that Sydney was the vegan capital.

Some social media users were not pleased.

One social media user said, “Oh you chose Melbourne wrong. It should have been Melbourne.”

The other said: “Noooo!” Melbourne is the place to be!

One social media user pleaded, “Please come also to Melbourne.”

A social media user also commented on the news, “Sydney instead of Melbourne?” It’s an odd choice.”

Another Instagram user said: “Melbourne > Sydney and we can afford to become regular customers because our cost of living in Australia isn’t absurd.”

The social media user said: “We’re excited to announce that we will open our doors in just a few weeks in the heart Redfern.”

“Why Redfern? We are a company that is on a mission of creating change. What better way to begin than to help our Indigenous communities?

We are proud to team up with incredible charities and brands that are creating opportunities for Aboriginal people.

The restaurant will open in just a few short weeks.

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