Allen’s halts production of Red Ripperz, Milkos and Sherbies

Allen’s has announced a major revision to some of America’s favorite sweets.

The confectionery firm confirmed that it would cease production of Red Ripperz bags, Milko’s bags, and Sherbies bags. This means shoppers can no longer enjoy these lollies as they used to.

Customers did not receive Allen’s announcement well.

“HAVE YOU LOST your FRICKEN MIND?! One social media user commented: “First you took away Cobbers, then Bananas, then Fantails, and now Red Ripperz Milkos, Sherbies.”

Why are you stealing all the good stuff ???!!! Why not get rid of those horrible jelly beans and all the other garbage that doesn’t work? What is wrong with these people? “I’m just blown away to say the least.”

One said: “There will soon be no Allen’s lollies, only other rubbish brands.”

One person asked, “When will the Red Ripperz be available in individual packs?”

Nestle, the company that owns Allen’s, has responded, confirming the production halt was only temporary.

A spokesperson for said: “We can confirm individual bags of Allen’s Sherbies Sticks and Milkos are not discontinued, but temporarily paused while we complete our new production facility in our Allen’s Factory in Broadford, Victoria.”

Allen’s Mix bags still contain Sherbies Red Ripperz and Milko Chews.

We’ll keep our fans informed on Allen’s Facebook Page about when specific bags will be returning.

Allen’s announced that Fantales, a fan favorite for nearly a century, would be discontinued in June.

Nestle’s Melbourne confectionery factory had to upgrade its production facilities due to the declining sales of chocolate-covered candy. The wrappers featured movie star stories.

The brand continues to release new lollipops, even though some of the shoppers’ favorite lollipops are temporarily put on hold.

Allen’s announced Tuesday that it will be releasing Party Dawgs exclusively at Coles. These are fruity-flavored lollipops in the shape of dogs.

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