Supermarkets spark Christmas price war over Aussie favourite

Woolworths, Coles, and other supermarkets in Australia have reduced the price of the Australian favorite, the ham, to just $8 per kilogram.

Woolies reported that it was the lowest price they had ever seen for Christmas Ham.

Woolworths started stocking hams on their shelves on Wednesday. They will remain available until the hams are sold out.

Natalie Davis, managing director of Woolworths supermarkets, said: “We know value is more important this year than ever before.”

The price of our award-winning half-leg ham has been reduced to $8 per kilogram, our lowest price since 2014. This will help families stretch their budgets this Christmas.

Coles has also reduced the price per kilo by 50 cents compared to last season.

Martin Smithson, Coles’ General Manager for Deli, Meat and Seafood, said that the supermarket was

We are delighted to offer our customers a great deal on quality hams at a starting price of only $8 per kilogram during the festive season.

Martin stated, “this,s Christmas, we have stepped up our offer with great value for a classic Christmas Day staple.”

A four-kilo, half-leg ham of average size will cost about 32 dollars and serve 20 people.

Woolworths is stocking 17 different hams during the holiday season. These include new products like Easy Carve double-smoked ham at $11 per kilogram and gold triple-smoked ham joints at $28 per kilogram.

The supermarket expects to sell over one million hams this Christmas.

Woolworths will start distributing its Christmas Ham products this week.

Ms Davis stated, “we ,know how time-consuming it can be to prepare food, so we designed our range keeping convenience in mind.”

We’ve worked hard to ensure that the range is easy for you to heat up, cook or carve.

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