Extraordinary row erupts over Aussie’s NYC sushi restaurant

A New York-based Aussie was the victim of an online bullying campaign that targeted her because she sold Sushi.

Her crime? She is white.

Alex Marks has been called a ‘coloniser’ after opening Sushi Counter at the West Village in this month.

She uploaded a TikTok clip under the name SushiSheila, in which she explained why she left her corporate law job to start her own small business.

Sushi Counter offers “Australian style” sushi, including teriyaki salmon, spicy tuna, and avocado with cucumber, for only $5 per roll (AUD$7.90). You can also buy three rolls for just $12 (AUD$19).

Her business, which appeared to be innocuous, attracted the ire and accusations of Eric Rivera. A chef from North Carolina accused Ms Marks of cultural appropriation immediately.

“But it’s ‘stralian Sushi. Give me a break coloniser,” Rivera posted.

If you can’t see the reason for this problem, then you are it.

The post was shared widely, and Google was flooded with negative one-star reviews for Sushi Counter.

The online harassment was so intense that Ms Marks had to wipe her TikTok completely.

“The contradiction & the cognitive dissonance are maddening,” said X Queer Latifah, one of Rivera’s supporters.

“[Marks] believes she cannot ‘afford” decent Sushi in NYC – a city with one of the most diverse and largest Asian populations. She instead finances her sushi place. “Colonisation is a white, & very scary thing to see in person.”

According to The Publica, one reviewer said, “The last thing anyone wants is blonde haired, Australian white women appropriating Japanese food.”

We’re tired of white people disrespecting our cultures. Enough is enough.

The tide quickly turned against Rivera and his angry mob, with people working on social media to uncancel Marks. Her Google rating rose to 4.5.

Many people have pointed out that Australian Sushi is a real thing and can be found in many shopping malls throughout the country.

Matt Walsh, a political commentator on Daily Wire, defended Ms Marks.

Mr Walsh stated that he could not fathom why anyone would feel such emotions about a sushi bar.

The first obvious thing is that the deranged standard only applies to white people. It would never and has never been used in any other way.

You’ll never hear about a pizza joint being slammed with bad reviews just because the owner is Asian. Or a Hispanic woman running a burger place is protested.

You’ll never hear anyone tell a black chef that he can’t cook certain cuisines because of his race.

Rivera was branded a flawed evangelist when it became known that he planned to open a Puerto Rican-Japanese Fusion restaurant.

According to his Instagram page, he sells homemade pasta. Mamma mia!

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