Costco customers excited to see mango trays return despite ‘insane’ price

Costco customers may be happy to see mangoes returning, but they have also slammed their price as “insane.”

Costco Adelaide Customers group member, who posted a photo of Calypso Mango trays in the Kilburn store, received a flood of comments.

The price of a tray of 10 mangos was $34.99, making each one $3.50.

Woolworths is currently selling summer fruit at a discounted price of $2.50 per piece. This has infuriated loyal Costco customers.

One commenter said, “Holy crap! That’s insane.” Seven years ago, one of those boxes was $14.99, so I added another.

The poster replied to the comment by claiming, “they were 22.99 a few years ago.”

Costco opened its doors in Adelaide in 2015. It quickly gained a loyal customer base due to the discounts it offers on bulk purchases.

Costco Adelaide Customers’ Facebook page now has almost 44,000 fans who share recent purchases and feedback.

One commentator said in the original post that Costco is no longer the best deal.

The mum wrote: “I went to Costco for my six children because it was cheaper when I bought in bulk. But not anymore!”

Mangoes are expected to continue to rise in price despite the fact that the crops were affected by a mild winter in Queensland.

John Nardi, manager of Favco Farms, recently acknowledged that “not enough chill” is needed for mangoes to grow in the winter.

Prices are expected to drop closer to Christmas when stone fruits from Northern Queensland and Northern Territory will arrive in large quantities.

Costco Australia’s managing director, Patrick Noone, responded to concerns about the price of the mangoes by saying that the box price remains “roughly” the same as it was last year, which is “very affordable in the current market.”

Mr Noone stated that Costco provides the best products for the lowest prices.

We continue to offer a competitive value proposition despite the current economic climate.

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