Sweet and savoury crumpet recipes from Taste.com.au

How to make your crumpets

These light-as-a-feathercrumpets are the perfect treat to enjoy with your morning or afternoon cup of tea.

Gluten-free Crumpets

This great gluten-free recipe allows everyone to enjoy warm, buttery crumpets.

The new Welsh crumpet Breakfast

These easy crumpets with leek and cheese are perfect for brunch.

French toast crumpet with caramelized banana

This delicious take on classic French Toast will upgrade your brunch.

Crumpets with honeycomb Butter

Make these golden crumpets and be kind to yourself.

Maple bacon crumpet Ice-cream Sandwich

This heavenly trio of fluffy crumpets with sweet maple syrup, salty bacon, and sweet maple syrup is a delicious treat.

Crumpets with Honey

For lazy mornings, we like to make crumpets at home. We butter them and drizzle honey on top.

Sticky brown-sugar banana crumpets

This short-cut sweet is so easy to make – you likely have all the ingredients in your kitchen!

Nutella and Crumpet French Toast

Weekend breakfasts are now even more delicious! This delicious French toast-style Crumpet with Nutella is sure to set you and your family up for a great day.

Crumpets with cranberry syrup

Start your morning with our cranberry crumpets dripping in syrup.

Crumpets stacked high with peanut butter, chocolate, and salted caramel

This moreish crumpet is layered with smooth salted caramel and peanut butter, then topped with crunchy homemade Praline.

Aussie crumpet burger

Beef, beetroot, and a runny egg fried in a crumpet.

Crumpets with maple and pecan custard

This quick recipe will transform store-bought crumpets.

Butter pudding and caramel crumpet

This makeover, a new take on an old favorite, is so tasty that it might just become your next classic!

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