Fresh is Best

Make sure your ingredients are of high quality and fresh. The expiration dates on all pantry items are important to check, as old flour, spices, and dried fruits can have an impact on the final product. Nuts can be kept fresh by storing them in the refrigerator or freezer.

Bind the butter

Store any opened butter packets in a tightly sealed container, preferably in foil or cling film. Keep away from foods with strong smells. No one wants garlic butter in their mince pie, right?

Weigh in

Baking is a science, and you must weigh your ingredients accurately using a set of digital scales. Use measuring cups that are clearly marked. The metric tablespoon should be 20ml and not 15ml.

Follow the recipe

The first time you bake, stick to the instructions and quantities. Do not substitute any ingredients until you are familiar with the recipe.

Buy best

All home and professional bakers prefer unsalted butter. Try Western Star Chef’s Choice or Western Star Unsalted. Some baking recipes do benefit from a small amount of salt. Use Western Star Original Butter or Western Star Salt Reduced Butter for some recipes that call for chocolate, caramels, biscuits, and pastries.

Get your tools ready.

Are you overwhelmed by the variety of baking materials available? You may be tempted to purchase an expensive silicone mat when baking. However, baking paper in a tin will work just as well. Silicon is ideal for sticky or delicate products. Silicon pans don’t produce a golden crust as well as traditional tins lined with baking paper and butter. It is important to reduce the temperature of the oven and cook the cake faster when using a black, non-stick pan.

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