Disgusting McDonald’s find leaves customer with fever and vomiting

A man’s weekend fast food binge is still haunted by the aftereffects of a disgusting McDonald’s surprise.

After a few drinks on Saturday night, Anton Vallely from Queensland tucked into a Quarter Pounder around 2 am. However, his pleasure was brief.

He had taken about three bites of the burger in the dark before he stopped to use the flashlight on his phone to check the source of the suspicious taste.

He saw two patties that appeared only partially cooked.

“I have been sweating and shaky,” Mr Vallely said to news.com.au. He had felt “wrecked” since eating the hamburger, which he purchased from the Coolum shop on the Sunshine Coast.

Mr Vallely, who is a musician in a rock band, claimed that he felt a strange sensation at the back of his throat almost immediately after eating the burger.

He said that after realizing what he’d eaten, he started throwing up.

He said, “I feel that there has been a change in my singing from the vomiting.”

“I felt sick as soon I realized it. Now my throat feels strange and I have been sweating.”

Mr Vallely expressed concern that other customers, including pregnant women, might be seriously injured if they consumed a hamburger like the one he had.

He said, “It’s not right. It’s inacceptable.”

He called to inform the store that he had been sold a raw hamburger. Then, he followed their instructions to keep it until he was able to return it.

Mr Vallely returned the burger to the shop so that it could do an investigation.

He claimed he was offered a full refund or a replacement, but he said that he would not be eating at the fast-food restaurant in the near future.

He said that despite being knocked about by the burger, he wasn’t ill enough to visit the doctor.

“I don’t think it’s all that bad.” “I’m not going to die or anything. But I thought it would be worth saying,” he said.

He said that a friend with him was served a cooked-through burger.

McDonald’s confirmed that it had received the complaint from Mr. Vallely.

McDonald’s is very serious about food safety and adheres to strict procedures and processes in order to maintain the quality of their food, they said.

“We confirm that McDonald’s Coolum Beach received a complaint about a beef patty that was undercooked on Monday, November 27.

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