The most viral recipes of 2023 that you can easily make at home

In 2023, we’ve seen it all. From our favorite last-minute Barbie Cake (no need for bake-Ken) to homemade Fantales. (We’re still grieving over the loss of the beloved sweet, but at least now we can make them ourselves) There are many different ways to use your trusted air fryer. (Yes! Chicken rissoles have made a comeback in the air fryer). The most viral recipes in 2023 have exceeded our expectations, no matter what your favorite recipe was.

The top 20 viral recipes from

1. Homemade ice-cube tray ‘Fantales’

We were devastated when Nestle announced that Fantales would be discontinued. These chewy chocolate caramels, an Australian confectionery icon since childhood, have become a staple in our lives.

2. Little trifle cakes

Adorn your Christmas dessert table with these almost-too-pretty-to-eat little trifle cakes. These individual custard and jelly cakes are a sweet, simple alternative to the large bowl of Christmas trifle. They offer all of the classic flavors.

Salmon and brown rice patties

These tasty and healthy patties are great for lunch boxes and adults alike.

4.5-ingredient bolognese rice bake

Quick… check. Easy… check. Family-friendly… check. Budget-friendly… check. Check. Not much washing up. This one-pan wonder is so good that you’ll want to make it again and again for weeks.

5. Mini cheesecakes with pineapple and coconut milk condensed

Prepare to be surprised if you have never tried sweetened condensed Milk. These little cheesecakes are transformed into a tropical treat when combined with cream cheese and pineapple crushed.

6. Cheesy potato crust quiche nests

We all know we eat Easter eggs (even if it’s chocolate!) What better way to celebrate Easter than with these savory quiche nests?

7. Fairy Bread Rocky Road Crackers

This dessert is super fun and will please both children and adults! Its colorful sprinkles will take you back in time to the childhood days of crunchy crackers, chewy marshmallows, and fairy bread.

8. Last-minute Barbie cake

Our super-easy Barbie Cake is the perfect way to celebrate your birthday. This cake is reminiscent of those iconic Dolly Vardens of your childhood. However, it’s not the original. Coles only has five ingredients.

9. Lindt salted caramel cappuccino

Salted caramel’s sweet, oceanic tang seems to be a perfect match with the bitter notes in your favorite espresso. This beautiful combination of flavors can be made in only 5 minutes.

10. Whipped Brie Dip

This mouth-watering, delicious whipped brie is perfect for adding to a charcuterie platter for a picnic or as a snack after work. It’s also a great addition to any entertainment.

11. Choc mint rocky road crackle cake

The perfect combination of our favorite Australian sweets: crisp rice bubbles, the minty sweetness of mint aero and mint slices, and, of course, those familiar rocky-road flavors.

12. Frozen condensed milk biscuit bars

Is there anything better than a dessert? These frozen condensed milk biscuit bars contain all of our favorite ingredients, including malt biscuits and Crunchie bars. They also include chocolate and, of course, condensed Milk! Imagine them as a healthier version of an ice cream sandwich!

13. White Christmas crackles for muffin pan

There’s nothing better than a Christmas treat that doesn’t require baking, especially if you use a muffin pan.

14. Easy Black Forest Wreath

This Black Forest Christmas wreath with cherries and chocolate is not as difficult to make as you might think. This Christmas dessert may seem complicated, but it only has six ingredients.

15. A one-pan beef taco rice casserole with cheese

Are you looking for an easy, low-cost one-pan meal? This delicious meal is a great way to avoid washing dishes! This meal can be prepared to feed a large family or as a convenient option for meal preparation.

16. Easy KitKat Holiday House

You can forget about the gingerbread house. This festive house is sure to delight the kids at your holiday gathering.

17. Slow-cooker braised steak with onions

This classic beef dish is now even easier to make in the slow cooker. Slow cooking the onions will give the dish a delicious caramelized flavor.

18. Chicken Pie

The entire family will enjoy this hearty chicken pie! Michael Weldon is a MasterChef Australia Series 3 contestant.

19. Christmas pavlova Trifle

This pavlova Christmas trifle is a real show-stopper. Prepare to have it gobbled down!

20. Beef teriyaki and rice in a single pan

This simple beef mince meal is ready in 20 minutes, and it only requires a few ingredients. It won’t cost you a fortune!

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