Beloved Qld restaurant, Nice Thai by Kid Curry, shuts doors after illustrious listing

The closure of a popular Brisbane restaurant that was ranked among the top 100 restaurants in Queensland left customers devastated.

In two weeks, Nice Thai by Kid Curry, which is associated with Happy Boy and Snack Man restaurants, will close to introduce a new idea.

The venue was re-opened less than six months ago and ranked as high as No. 45 in last year’s Delicious. Owners and brothers Cameron Votan and Jordan Votan decided to close their restaurant, which was ranked 100th on the list of the best Queensland restaurants.

Nice Thai by Kid Curry is closing. Adam Head

It was a difficult decision. The restaurant was definitely in its stride and had a sustainable level of business… but, for all the good food, it suffered a bit from being another Asian eatery next to Happy Boy & Snack Man,” Cameron said to the Courier Mail.

A rotating pop-up will soon replace Nice Thai. The first concept is a French-themed restaurant called Mini. It will open in just three weeks.

Mini will also serve as a preview for the upcoming fourth restaurant of the siblings, Petite. A French restaurant with a wine bar, it is set to open in January 2024 along East St.

Cameron stated that “some of my favorite food memories are from Paris, and beyond. We love the idea of a beautiful French area outside where people can enjoy cheese boards and charcuterie board and cocktails as well as amazing French wines. Mini is a perfect fit for this,” Cameron added.

Cameron revealed that Petite would be similar to Snack Man, with an amazing wine list. All the plates are smaller and will be shared at the table so everyone can sample a variety of dishes.

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