Notoriously difficult to find viral $10 Kmart item set to return

The $10 viral Kmart item that customers have been unable to obtain is returning to stores in the next month.

This item is a solution to a problem most Australians were unaware of – that of how to keep pickles and olives fresh without spilling liquid everywhere.

The KmartGlass Flip Picklejar solves this problem as it can store both the selected item and the juice before being flipped so that the liquid will fall to the bottom.

The product has been praised by social media users who have used it to store anything from its name to tinned rings of pineapple.

The item has been a hot topic on social media, but users claim that it is hard to find in stores.

One social media user said, “I can’t find it anywhere.”

Some were not impressed and said: “They leak so bad.” It’s a shame because I really like the idea.

“Drinking juice with each spoonful is my favorite part.” “This product isn’t for me”, a TikTok user candidly stated.

“Mine lasted for two weeks with no leakage at all.” One social media user responded to a complaint about leakage by saying “may,be yours was faulty.”

Another said: “I am trying to find the item but it is sold out.” reported that a Kmart spokesperson confirmed the product will be available in stores as of next month.

Kmart’s Glass Flip Pickle Jar is very popular in our community. We love how customers use it for everything from olives and tinned fruits to pickles.

Customers have been unable to limit themselves to just one.

The Kmart Glass Flip Pickle Jar will be back in stock both online and at stores starting mid-November.

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