Cult US burger chain reveals why there are extra fries in the bag

Takeaway fries that are too small can be a real disappointment. But one popular burger place in the US is doing the exact opposite.

Five Guys is famous for its hot dogs and burgers, but the social media is filled with videos of customers ordering small chips.

Then, users on social media film themselves tipping a bag of chips to reveal the contents.

Five Guys UK has revealed why they add extra fries. It’s a very simple explanation.

The website states: “We believe in generosity, so we always include an extra scoop of fries with the bag.”

We suggest that you share the fries with others if you’re visiting. The serving size of a Little portion should be between one and two people. For a Large portion, it should be between three and four people.

The Australian Five Guys website confirms the Aussie version of the product also has an additional scoop but does not reveal why.

Since a long, social media users have speculated on why there are more fries at the bottom of the bag.

One social media user commented: “I got an extra large without knowing… I could’ve filled the “large cups” at least 8 times with fries from the bag.”

Another social media user commented that the extra fries were “generous” from Five Guys.

One said: “Every time I go to Five Guys, I get unexpected extra fries in my bag.” They are NOT stingy.

Five Guys opened its first store in Virginia in 1986. They quickly became a popular burger restaurant in the UK.

In 2021, the first Australian location was opened in Penrith. There are now two locations in Sydney CBD and Southbank in Melbourne.

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