Maybe it’s a therapeutic tradition to put the kettle on and make a pot of fresh tea.

We’ve gathered all of our favorite morning tea recipes for black, white or green leaves in one place.

We’re all there to eat Cake and sweets, let’s face it.

Raspberry and chocolate tea cake

This heavenly chocolate and tea cake is infused with a tart raspberry flavor.

Orange and Polenta Cake

Orange Cake with a polenta base and almonds gets a floral twist from a hint of orange flowers. Recipe by Jamie Oliver.

Jamie Oliver’s incredible farinata

This flour is delicious and served warm straight from the oven as part of an antipasto.

Apple galette with calvados sauce

A dish at Chez Panisse inspires this rustic apple tart. It never fails to please.

Coconut chiffon cake

This classic chiffon cake is inspired by the love of baking that her mother has.


Coconut cake with meringue frosting

Want to impress a crowd with a cake? You can’t go wrong with this coconut chiffon Cake covered in meringue.

Chocolate Bread Cake with Orange Sauce

This chocolate Cake can be made with leftover bread. Tobie Puttock’s recipe.

Chocolate layer cake

This chocolate cake is made with a unique ingredient: mashed potatoes. This unusual ingredient works wonders in keeping the cake moist by Cherie Hausler.

Spiced banana cake

This classic spiced banana cake recipe by Cherie Hausler swaps the cream cheese frosting with a lighter version of ricotta.

Date and walnut cake

This CaCakeastes is especially good with new-season dates and Medjool walnuts. Serve with generous amounts of butter and honey.

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