Coles’ ‘special burger sauce’ hot cross buns take out gold medal in TikTok star’s Stinker awards

Russeats, a TikTok celebrity known for his “Stinker Awards,” has revealed what he believes to be the eight worst food items of 2023.

The Stinker Awards, which count down from No.8 all the way to the podium finish, show the play-by-play of the culinary disasters that made the food critic retch.

He lists the new Monster Energy canned coffee product at No.8.

He said, “It tastes like a f**king cold instant coffee.”

In No.7, he criticizes Hungry Jack’s fried boneless pieces of chicken, saying that the launch has caused “permanent damage” to the brand.

The long-haired larrikin declared, “They tasted just like processed chicken air-fried by home brand.”

“This is a complete s**t. It’s embarrassing that they thought it would compete with KFC and Red Rooster.

This launch has caused permanent damage to the brand.

He ranks V-Drink No.6 because he believes that the “formulation” of this energy drink was changed unnecessarily.

No.5 is a Vegemite brownie collaboration between Green’s and Vegemite.

He said, “You must be insane to think this was a great idea.”

They tasted just like regular brownies, but a bit salty.”

The new Prime drinks introduced to Australia this year are ranked No. 4.

He said, “What a total letdown!”

“These were so hyped up that people paid $50 for a bottle. When we tried them, they tasted like f**king cordial, straight cordial. “Orange was the one that was OK.”

Russ has awarded Fanta’s apple strudel new flavor a bronze medal.

He said, “This was a f**ked thing.”

This s**t could be used to clean your toilet. It was apparently apple-strudel flavored. This was probably green apple tree air freshener, but not apple strudel. “But i will tell you, it was s**t.”

McDonald’s scalloped potatoes, which are no longer on the menu of this fast food giant, won the silver medal.

Russ commented, “These looked like old man’s heels and tasted the same.”

They were like a sponge of oil, and they made a scallop look bad.

Coles “Special Burger Sauce” Hot Cross Buns took the podium.

Russ said that he was sickened by the thought of them when announcing their ignominious win.

He said: “It’s fine to increase your prices in order to make large profits, but releasing that, that is the final straw.”

“I can still smell the scent of the packets. It was the same as when you wash your clothes in the machine for several days.”

The TikTokker from Newcastle has over 175,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. He regularly posts honest reviews of junk food and fast food.

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